February, 1945
The Piper's Son by Lewis Padgett

Short Stories
Lilies of Life by Malcolm Jameson
Wanted - An Enemy by Fritz Leiber, Jr.

Nomad (part 3 - conclusion) by Wesley Long

Fragile! Glass!
The Helpful Pleiades by R. S. Richardson

Readers' Departments
The Editor's Page (Silicon for Carbon)
Brass Tacks (including George O. Smith and Wesley Long)
The Analytical Laboratory (for the November issue -                   "Killdozer" by Theodore Sturgeon came first)


In four novelettes - The Piper´s Son, Beggars in Velvet, The Lion and the Unicorn & "Three Blind Mice" - Henry Kuttner, writing as Lewis Padgett, explored the struggle within and without the community of "Baldies", mutants born after the Blow-Up with telepathic powers... The second story is in the December issue.  The saga was later published as the book "Mutant".