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The Code by Lawrence O'Donnell
The Last Outpost by Ross Rocklynne
The Lion And The Unicorn by Lewis Padgett

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Resonance by Eric Frank Russell
Disappearance by Chester S. Geier
Tight Place by Murray Leinster

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The Secret Giant by Willy Ley

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In Memoriam  (Malcolm Jameson)

                     MALCOLM JAMESON
December 21, 1891                                 April 16, 1945

  Malcolm Jameson, a man possessed of more sheer courage than most of us will ever understand, died April 16th, 1945, after an eight-year writing career, initiated when cancer of the throat forced him to give up the more active life he wanted.  Any author can tell you that you can't write good stuff when you're feeling sick.  Jamie never quite understood that - perhaps because he began when he did.  X-ray and radium treatment controlled the cancer for a time, but only at a price of permanently severely bad health.
  He sold his first story to Astounding in 1938.  That was followed by such memorable and sparklingly light stories as "Admiral's Inspection," the whole Commander Bullard series, and his many other stories in UNKNOWN WORLDS.
  The man who could accomplish that under the conditions imposed on him was not of ordinary mold.
  T he Commander Bullard series grew out of Jameson's own experiences as a Lieutenant in the United States Navy from 1916 till his retirement in 1927.  He had much to do with the development of modern naval ordnance; his work is fighting in this war, though he himself was not permitted to do so.
  He is survived by his wife, his daughter, Corporal Vida Jameson, of the WAC, his son, Major Malcolm Jameson, in the Infantry and now overseas, and his brother, House Jameson, better known as "Mr Aldrich" of the "Aldrich Family" program.               
                                                     The Editor.